Our Vision

  • To be the boutique organisation for ERP Professional Services, Applications and Tools
  • To deliver high quality Consulting Services for Project Implementation; from Project Conception through to Post Implementation Support
  • To supply high quality ERP related Software Tools and Applications to customers
  • To deliver cost effective custom solutions to customer

Achieving Our Vision

  • Building on existing high quality team
  • Continuous growth in selecting Key Partnerships
  • Building and Networking with Professional Service Providers
  • Selecting high quality ERP tools and applications
  • Running effective Sales & Marketing campaigns
  • Delivering quality services with a true customer focus
  • Creating Win-Win situations for Customers, Partners, IECOM and its Team
  • Establishing partnerships with selected off-shore software / custom development corporations

Our Key Strengths

  • True customer focus approach
  • Business approach taken to solutions
  • Unique positioning “within” SAP
  • Knowledge of Market Gaps
  • Trusted Advisor for Customers and Partners
  • Working onsite closely with customers
  • Emphasis on picking up high quality team members
  • High performing committed team
  • Building Partners not Competitors
  • Creating win-win situations