Our Managing Director

Sarwar Khan is the Founder, Managing Director and Principal of IECOM and its Parent Company, IECOM Group Pty Ltd. Sarwar founded IECOM in 1990, and has since been operating as the Managing Director of IECOM and a Senior Project/Program Director/Manager.

As the senior project/program director, Sarwar Khan has the key strength to take on a project/program from its conceptual stage, develop the vision, roadmap, budget, charter, governance, plans and form an integrated team; and achieve its completion in the most effective manner. Sarwar’s ability to form a consortium for the project/program from multiple external parties and various parts of the business, coupled with his positive and charismatic personality, he creates a common business culture with common objectives to succeed.

Sarwar works closely with the project/program sponsor to define, persuade, drive and achieve the project/program strategic business objectives and benefits to the key stakeholders. He works very closely with the project/program team and stakeholders to positively engage, guide and mentor them to ensure their commitment to achieving the project/program business objectives.  Sarwar has the ability to lead, liaise, support and work with the key stakeholders at all levels of the organisation and manage complex political and organisational environments to drive the strategic business objectives. He has the ability to represent business and drive their initiatives in all major forums. Sarwar liaises with the external services providers to achieve the expected agreed delivery. He operates at an executive level, but can also lead and direct teams and individuals at all levels of the organisation.

Based on his extensive experience and strong mixed skills (functional, technical and strategic management) across various industries and technologies, Sarwar conducts quality reviews and provides an independent observation to identify potential issues, risks and opportunities; and recommends necessary corrective actions to improve quality of the delivery.

Based on his close working relationship with SAP globally for more than 24 years and massive networking with major local and international Service Providers, Sarwar has established recognition of his successful track record which enables him to work with key players of the market to create win-win situations returning high values to his customers